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Dear Miss Carrie:


Before my mom & dad heard about your day care/resort, I was a lonely, ONLY, fur child. I didn’t know what to make of the other furry 4-legged guys I saw on walks, so I just barked. I think I didn’t like them too much.


The 1st time I came to Lil Dogs, I was kind of scared, but after you taught me how to play with my now, great pals, it was such a great surprise! I felt so safe, happy and excited, all at the same time! I met so many other kids…Little, just like me! Now, every day, I want to come back and play! I especially love when my “girlfriends” are there! I think they like me too.


Mom and dad tell me that when they pick me up I fall asleep in their arms on the way home. Guess I get pretty tired playing all day…but it’s all good, to say the least. You are the best teacher I ever had!


I love you and thank you and Jaqueline for how much you care and the fun I have.



Mikey Johnson (Maltese)

The best caring place for little dogs!

Our Misty has been a “customer” for both daycare and for boarding. Misty just loves to go to Lil’ Dogs, whether for daycare or staying over. We have no problem with leaving her in Carrie’s and her staff’s care. What can we say… it’s a wonderful place with a caring staff. It is nice to have such a place where you don’t have to worry about your “baby”. It is also nice to have the emails sent with pictures and a note. We have recommended Lil’ Dogs to many people as “The best caring place for Little dogs!”


Michelle G.


My husband and I are so happy we found Lil’ Dogs Resort! Our “Lil’ Dog”, Sandie, has such a good time playing with all of her “friends” at doggie daycare! We first used Lil’ Dogs 1 year ago when we were looking for somewhere to board Sandie while we went on a 10 day vacation. Sandie is a rescue, and this was going to be the first time she was away from us for more than 1 day since we’d adopted her the year prior. To say I was nervous is an understatement! Well, imagine my delight when only a few days into our vacation we received an email from Carrie assuring us that Sandie was having a great time, and even sent pictures of her playing and having a ball! We came back from vacation to a VERY happy dog! We have been taking Sandie to daycare here ever since, and couldn’t be happier with the friendy, personal, professional service we have received from Carrie, as well as her family and outstanding staff.

Jackie B.


My Jack Russell Terrier, Phi, just loves Lil’ Dogs Resort. Every Friday she spends the day and I cannot say the word “playgroup” until five minutes before we are ready to leave because she goes crazy, jumping around the house anxiously waiting to go. As we near Liil’ Dogs Resort in the car, when she sees us taking the turn from 9 Mile, she gets so anxious in the car jumping around all over. I have to carefully let her out of the car so she does not go darting. One time the car window was open and she jumped out of the window because she was so anxious to go visit all her pals at Lil’ Dogs Resort. She loves this place and gleefully runs in to spend her day. She has been to other day care and overnight facilities and has never been this joyful as she is to be at Lil’ Dogs Resort.

Mrs. B


I always recommend Carrie and Lil’ Dogs to friends who have smaller dogs.
Wonderful, cheerful and professional staff!! The place is immaculate!!!
Highly recommend!!!

Liz K


I have a 14 yr. old , blind and arthritic Dachshund who needs medication daily. Carrie and her staff keep a close watch over Pumpkin and have even taken the time out of their day to replenish her medication at the Vet while we were out of town. Who does that anymore? When I return from my vacation I find a healthy and happy dog. I never worry when leaving her because I know that all of her needs will be met. Carrie is the most kind and caring person I have ever met. She has not one selfish bone in her body and gives more than anyone could ask for. She has the biggest and kindest heart and is as genuine as anyone could ask for. We are truly blessed to have Lil’ Dogs Resort as the caretaker of our dog!




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